Mirror celebrity face

Alex was doing this activity for the second time and he loved it again. I have edited photos of Angelina Jolie, Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Zuckerberg and Beyonce and asked Alex to draw other sides of faces. You can see results in the photo

Experiment with raw eggs

A quick demonstration of gravity and motion in this experiment with raw eggs before we cook them for breakfast. All we needed was: a toilet paper tube, a paper plate, a glass of water and a bit of curiosity.

Simple mechanical paradox

This relatively simple demonstration of the mechanical paradox is a great way to get young kids to think about physics principles. I used Polydron Sphera from Polydron to make a cylinder and a bicone

Giant Polydron Vehicle Builders Set

It’s just great to have a giant construction set for children to spend some time building an almost real size boat or a train in the garden. But how awesome is the idea to add rotating wheels to the set?!

Flags Of The World

Easy activity with flags of the world. Alex is matching counters with flags by colours and shapes found in them. He didn’t stop until he covered every flag

Tracing shadows activity

We took advantage of a sunny day and had lots of fun tracing shadows outside

Rainbow Pebbles

36 plastic pebbles are designed in 6 colours and 6 sizes and they have a really nice feel to them. Age restriction is 3+, but Max was really into the set. With him we practised sorting by colour and size and sequencing

Colour changing chameleon

Easy to make colour changing chameleon craft for children

Kids Science Experiment with Coca Cola Cans

Playing with cans from Coca Cola

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